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Roswitha Lutz-Carter apprenticed from 1974-1977 in the Stobl Hair Salon in Augsburg, Germany, completing a 6,240 hour course. During that time, she was a member of the Hairdressers Guild in Augsburg.

From 1977-1980, Roswitha worked as a hairdresser at the Bronenmayer Hair Salon in Augsburg. While there, Roswitha received additional training in Paris and Munich, and she also competed and placed in several German National Hairdresser competitions.

In 1981, Roswitha received her Master Craftsman Certification after completing the required 800 hour course of study and certification exam. She began working as a hairdresser for Heads salon in Munich, Germany. While at Heads, Roswitha also completed a three-month course at the Vidal Sassoon School in Munich, where she was trained and certified in the English haircutting technique.

Roswitha then opened her own salon, Hair Design, in Augsburg. Operating the salon from 1981-1997, she employed a staff of 10 haircutters who were trained in the English haircutting technique.

In 1995, Roswitha brought the English haircutting technique to Houston, Texas, opening ATELIER art of cut. Over the past 20 years, Roswitha has successfully owned and managed Atelier Art of Cut. Roswitha has amassed many loyal customers who have been extraordinarily valuable to the success of her business. Additionally, Roswitha has dedicated her time to training numerous hairdressers in the English haircutting technique.

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